DIY: How To Make An Emergency Spare Key

In this video, Youtuber, DaveHax, shows us how to make an emergency spare key.

Items Needed

  • The original key
  • A lighter
  • The lid of a metal can
  • A 2 inch piece of clear tape


  • Start by holding the original key over a flame so it gets a black coating.
  • Set it down to cool. Once cool, place the stripe of clear tape over the blackened key. This will make the outline of your key.
  • Remove¬†the tape from the key and stick it onto the can lid.
  • Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully (and accurately) cut out the key.
  • Hold the copy up to the original for comparison. If you’ve accurately cut out the key, it should work in the lock. Just remember, the copied key will be a lit thinner than the original, so be careful about not breaking it inside the lock.

Watch video for full tutorial.