DIY: How To Make Mason Jar Snow Globes

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If you’re looking for an absolutely adorable holiday craft to do by yourself or with your kids, here is the perfect (and simple) DIY craft project: Mason Jar Snow Globes.

What I love about these is if you’re on a budget, you can round up items in your home and use for adornments. If you don’t have mason jars and sparkles handy, you can pick up all the items at a craft store for just a few bucks. Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to make them:


Supplies Needed

*Note, you want to use items that aren’t porous, or they will fall apart once water is added.


  • Gather the supplies above.
  • Remove the inside, circular lid of the mason jar (this makes it easier to glue your figurines).
  • Hot glue your figurines onto the inside of the lid (be careful to not cover the reddish outer rubber rim, as that will affect the seal on your snow globe, and it may leak!).
  • Set aside lid to let cool and harden for a few minutes.
  • Add sparkles, glitter, and snowflakes to the empty mason jar.
  • Add water to your mason jar (all the way up to the neck).
  • Insert your inner lid with figurines and then seal tightly.

Flip, shake and enjoy!