A DIY pallet pool may be the cheapest, easiest way to set up a pool in your yard

Backyard swimming pool made of pallets
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If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your current lack of a swimming pool, a pallet pool might be your next big outdoor project. We’ve all seen the various in-ground or above-ground pool options — including stock tanks pools, which have become a popular option — but have you considered building one out of wooden pallets?

The structure was first seen in a now-viral Facebook post from 2015, but it has since gone on to inspire the masses to create similar structures in backyards across the country — because they’re ideal for summer swimming on a budget.

Check out the original post, from Facebook user Torben Jung, below:

How To Build A Pallet Pool

Constructing a pallet pool can cost as little as $80, and if all goes smoothly you should see the fruits of your labor after just a few hours of work.

You begin building your pool by laying down a large tarp and from there you use wooden pallets to create the pool’s base. Next, you screw them together, adding wood planks on top to keep them together. From here you’re going to need a whole lot of waterproof lining to cover the interior of your soon-to-be pool.

Once this is completed, you’ll add one more layer of lining and ensure it’s secure. If you’re feeling fancy you can add a pump to keep the water clean. Otherwise, simply fill your new pool with water and enjoy!

Here’s another example of a pallet pool, from Instagrammer Erin Beverley:


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The video below gives you an idea of what you can create rather quickly. Looks pretty nice for a one-person job!

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The main goal is to prevent leakage. Covering the interior of the pallets with plywood sheets to create “walls” is a smart idea to ensure nothing pokes through the tarp. Check out Easy Pallet Ideas for an in-depth tutorial on how to do this.

Depending on your needs you can adjust instructions to create pools of larger or smaller sizes. You can even add a deck, stairs or anything else you can imagine to make your pool more impressive.

This pallet pool, complete with stairs and deck, was shared on Instagram by Hailey Kenniston. It looks like a great place to cool off all summer long!


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Once you’ve got your pallet pool up and running, all that’s left is to add the right pool floats and you’re good to go!

So, who’s ready for a pool party?

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