DIY Trick For Reusing Makeup From A Broken Compact

You know that feeling when you have to throw away half of your powder because you dropped the compact? Knowing it’s nearly impossible to use because your makeup is now shattered into a million pieces?!

Good news, Butterfingers! You never have to relive that feeling again because we have a way to save your makeup so you can save some money.

Here’s a look at the items you need

  • Your broken compacts (or 2-3 broken compacts depending on how much makeup is left/how many you’ve broken!)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ziploc baggie
  • Spoon
  • Flat knife

Once you have everything you need, here’s how to make those broken compacts new again!

  1. Break the remaining pieces apart and pour them into the plastic baggie.
  2. Seal the bag and crush all of the makeup pieces with the spoon.
  3. Once the makeup is crushed, pour the makeup back into the empty compact.
  4. Gently pour about half a cap’s worth of rubbing alcohol into the compact with the crushed makeup.
  5. Allow the rubbing alcohol to absorb for a few moments, then mix the alcohol and makeup together to form a paste.
  6. Place a folded tissue over the paste and use your flat object to press and smooth the mold of the compact.
  7. Let the compact dry, ideally overnight.
  8. Apply makeup like you just got it from the makeup aisle!

We all know how expensive makeup can be, so hold onto those broken compacts and give it a whirl. You can also try this trick with broken eyeshadow or bronzer!

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