Your DIY weighted blanket will be the most comfortable thing you own

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If you or someone you know has problems with stress, anxiety or insomnia, why not consider a weighted blanket?

The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket

Studies show that weighted blankets can ease certain emotional issues by offering input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body, which helps with relaxation. Similar to a big hug or to being held, having a weighted blanket is comforting, calming and can have an overall positive effect on people’s moods. It can also help you sleep better.

One Instagram user @pesh recently shared a sweet shot of his family looking cozy and relaxed with a weighted blanket. He used the hashtags #sensoryprocessingdisorder and #autism in his caption. Those with autism or sensory processing disorder often benefit from the deep pressure a weighted blanket can provide—though they can be beneficial for anyone looking to relax or get a better night’s rest as well.

So what’s stopping you from owning the ultimate sleeping companion? Well, they don’t exactly come cheap. The top-rated blankets start at around $200, and continue to go up in price depending on the style and quality. But if you’re not intimated by the thought of DIY-ing it, you could be in luck.

How To Do-It-Yourself

Luckily, there are some great tutorials on the internet that walk you through how to make a weighted blanket all by yourself.

One by Mama Smiles offers an easy-to-follow diagram of how to sew one yourself.

The majority of weighted blankets are between 10 and 25 pounds and are filled with evenly distributed plastic pellets (like the kind used inside stuffed animals) sewn into pockets of the lining, giving them their healing attributes.

Another tutorial by The Mommyhood Life breaks down everything you need to DIY yourself a blanket, along with the cost of each of the materials you’ll need to buy. Her total cost? $10.54!

So you’ll definitely have to do some shopping before you get started. But in the end, you’ll have a highly-coveted project for much less than what you’d find online!

Before you dive in, make sure you have the right tools, including a sewing machine, an iron, a quilter’s ruler or tape measure and a small scale.

As for materials, you’ll need the basics, such as fabric, plastic pellets, thread, pins, a funnel and small bowl. Once you’ve got these, you’ll basically just measure out a grid, weigh your pellets, figure out how many pellets you want in each pocket, fill each pocket and sew it all together.


If you have a day or two, some sewing skills and the right materials, there’s nothing stopping you from making your very own weighted blanket.

If you are more of an aspirational DIY-er (meaning, you may not have time right now to make your own) you can find some less expensive weighted blankets on Etsy.

Check out this sweet toddler’s blanket from Etsy shop ArtsyMamaTreasures. The “Very Hungry Caterpillar”-themed blanket is toddler-sized, so smaller than what an adult would need, but it’ll only cost you between $60-$95 depending on the weight you request.

ArtsyMamaTreasures also shares this cute blanket for teens or adults. Depending on the amount of weight you would like added to the blanket, the price ranges from $110 – $190.

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How To Know Which Weight Is Right For You

Mosaic Weighted Blankets provides a handy chart that can help guide you when choosing the weight of the weighted blanket you are making or purchasing.

Their recommended conversion is 10 percent of body weight, plus one or two extra pounds for kids. So if your child weighs 55 pounds, for example, you’d want to buy or make a weighted blanket that weighs anywhere from 5.5 to 7.5 pounds.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

A medium-sized blanket from Mosaic for that weight would cost you around $114.95.

Happy sewing (or shopping)!

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