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DNA Braids Are The Cool New Hair Trend To Try For Summer

Are you willing to give this intricate hairstyle a try?

Whether you’re braiding your child’s hair or your own, these DNA braids are a must-try. The hairstyle is perfect for any age range, and they look as cool as they sound.

These braids got the name “DNA braids” because they look like a double-helix DNA strand. You may see these braids popping up all over your Instagram feed, giving you all sorts of hair inspiration. And we have Rhode Island-based hairstylist Alexandra Wilson to thank for that.

The trend picked up steam after Wilson posted this beautiful photo of rainbow strands twisted into these DNA braids:

These plaits are practically magical!

The braids do require a somewhat higher skill level to achieve, but thankfully, Wilson has a tutorial video that you can watch as many times as you need to get the desired look.

This hairstyle seems similar to a fishtail braid, but it involves three sections of hair instead of just two. As you can see in the tutorial, you start with one side and pull strands from the outermost section over to the middle. Then, with the far right side, you pull strands from the outermost section under to the middle. So, it’s the alternating over/under pattern that gives the hair the twisted effect.

DNA BRAID TUTORIAL!!! Starting off with 3 strands, the middle one being smaller then the others as that will be a stationary strand. When taking a strand from left side you are going over that section, under the middle and adding to right side then taking a small section from right side is then brought under and then over the middle section and added to left section. Make sure your being consistent with that pattern, the braid naturally starts to twist towards left as you go down so you have to keep it tight while braiding or else it will become more difficult. Small sections are always better, they make the braid look more intricate. It’s always hard to fit a tutorial in 1 minute so I may post slower/longer one on IGTV! Happy Braiding 😀💗 . . . #behindthechair @behindthechair_com #modernsalon @modernsalon #americansalon @american_salon #hairvideo #beyondtheponytail #beautylaunchpad #hotonbeauty @hotonbeauty @evahairofficial @hair.videos @hairvideoshow #tutorial #braids #dnabraid #hairgoals #hairofinstagram #stylistssupportingstylists #samvilla #hairinspo #hairinspo @mastersofbraids @hairvideosbystylists

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Wilson told Bustle that the DNA braid isn’t an original creation, but doing sections of three DNA braids in one hairstyle was an updated take on it.

“I have actually seen the DNA braid done before, but it’s just not a popular braid,” she told Bustle. “I wanted to re-create it taking smaller sections so that it really made the braid look intricate. I attempted it because I wanted to try something new and different that a lot of people haven’t seen before.”

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Lucky for DNA braid fans, plenty of other people have put their own spin on DNA braids and have shared the looks on Instagram.

Instagram user @lorrainecusack created DNA braided pigtails, which are absolutely adorable:

Meanwhile, @hair.beautybykenzee showed off her skills using a combination of DNA braids, fishtail braids and french braids, all in one look:

Instagram user @n.starck proved that just a simple DNA braid is beautiful all on its own, too.

Today's hairstyle #DNAbraid #3StrandFishtailBraid

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If you have multi-colored hair, this braid is a great way to show off each of the hues, as expertly demonstrates:

Tresses that are distressed are always the best 🤤 Just like my hair painting “techniques” I style hair in the same manner- freely and organically. I do not spend much time pondering how or what I’m going to create. I just do it. By doing so I’m more inclined to really be creative and artistic with my styles. Anyone feel me with this!? Styled with @designmehair Puff Me/Hold me 💯 . . . CREATIVE COLOR PALETTE @pulpriothair THE RAVEN COLLECTION MADE A HUGE STATEMENT IN THIS CREATION 💯 @hairbykaseyoh Was the mastermind behind this new line 😌 Aquatic Lemon Smoke Seaglass Powder Area 51 Nirvana Nemesis Aftermath. #theend #withlovemary . . @rusalkaqueen forever muse thank you! . . #lehighvalleypa #allentownpa #riotsquad #allentownhairstylist #crafthairdresser #behindthechair #beyondtheponytail #samvillahair #samvilla #puffme #designme #designmehair #beautylaunchpad

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Feeling inspired to buff up your braiding skills? You might also want to try an octopus bun, rose braid or even a new, bold color (denim hair, anyone?) because once you master the DNA braid, there’s no stopping you!