Do You See A Duck Or Bunny? This Optical Illusion Tells A Lot About You

When you look at this drawing, what do you see? A duck? A bunny? Or both?

This optical illusion first appeared in a German magazine in 1892 with the title “Kaninchen und Ente,” which translates to “Rabbit and Duck.” The image has now resurfaced on the internet and people are going crazy over it again.

Wikimedia Commons


According to psychologist Dr. Joseph Jastrow, if you can see both images, it means you’re creative. He suggested that the faster you can mentally flip between the two images, the more creative you are.


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And apparently, the time of year during which you saw the picture can influence what you see as well.

The Mirror reports, “children who saw the picture at Easter were more likely to see a rabbit but in October duck was a more frequent answer.”

easter bunny photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

Ready to put your skills to the test with some other puzzles?

Try This Campsite Logic Puzzle

The picture shows a group of people camping, and you’ll need to put on your best Sherlock Holmes thinking cap to suss out the answers to the questions posed.

Note: This puzzle was apparently developed for a kids’ magazine, but it’s pretty tough!


Here are the questions:

1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?
2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?
3. How did they get here?
4. Is there a town nearby?
5. Where does the wind blow from: north or south?
6. What time of day is it?
7. Where did Alex go?
8. Who was on duty yesterday?
9. What date is it today?


Give yourself some time to cook on these before clicking through for the answer to this logic puzzle

Now, Can You Find The Marshmallow?

In this puzzle, there is a marshmallow hiding among the seals. Artist Gergely Dudás (or The Dudolf, if you prefer) drew this one himself and shared on Twitter to stump the social media masses.

marshmallows photo
Flickr | Markoz46

Don’t get fooled by all the fluffy tails like I did!

Click through this link if you’re really stumped to get the answer.

How Many Triangles Can You Find In This Picture?

Just think of all the cool things that are shaped like triangles: slices of pie, tortilla chips, cheese wedges, the yellow bird from “Angry Birds” and the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” just to name a few.

slice of pie photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

There are also mysterious triangles like the pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle and Phil Jackson’s offense.

Hey, speaking of triangle mysteries, here is a brain teaser recently posted by Quora that has been making the rounds on the internet.

The image shows a large triangle broken up into smaller triangles:

So just how many triangles are there? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to total up all of the triangles in this photo, including the triangles made up of other triangles.

I’ll give you some time to count them all.

How Many Triangles?

So, ready for the answer?

There are *SPOILER ALERT* a total of 24 triangles in this puzzle. You can see an illustration of all 24 here if you don’t trust me.

And if you want to delve deep into the math, you can check out the discussion on Quora.

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