A Doctor Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Photos To Raise Money For Cancer Patients

What a guy! These photos will make your day.

One radiologist at the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre was so moved by a patient’s grief over her loss of hair post-radiation that he decided to grow his hair long and then shave it off—for charity.

Not only is this an act to symbolize that the staff who treat patients at the Cancer Therapy Centre are truly there for them, but it’s also a great way to raise money and awareness for what they do at work each and every day.

But then this radiologist took it one step further. He’s growing his hair out and donating it to be made into a wig, but he’s not stopping there! He’s also recreating hilarious celebrity photos while his hair is long. Why not have a little fun with it, you know?

Mark Udovitch explained to Mashable that the photo shoots are rather “improvised.” He’s not buying special clothing/props for them. Instead, he’s just using whatever he has on hand.

So, you’ll see him using trash bags, his coworkers and more to bring the photos to life.

And if you think these photos are hilarious (which, it’d be hard not to), then you can go on and donate to his Dry July Shave Off fundraiser here. At least you know it’s definitely going to a good cause.

As far as his hair goes, well, that’ll be shaved off on July 29. But, there’s plenty of time to donate between now and then!

[h/t: Mashable]