Dogs and baby best friends captured on Frame the Weim will melt your heart

These friends go way back—like before birth, even.

Dogs Brego and Nami waited a long time to finally meet their new best friend—nine months to be exact. You see, their owners were expecting a baby, but the dogs didn’t have to meet the little bundle of joy in person to let the bonding process begin. They’ve been snuggling up with the baby and feeling him kick since he was in the womb. And now that “our little Jedi” (as the baby’s called on social media) has been born, the three of them share a bond that’s unlike any other.

If you want a regular dose of cuteness, be sure to follow the adventures of “Jedi,” Brego and Nami by way of the Frame the Weim Instagram and Facebook accounts. Below, check out some of the trio’s best moments so far.

Look at how they all used to snuggle up together even before the baby was born.

And since little Jedi was born, they’ve clearly been just as inseparable.

They apparently hate to spend even a minute apart.

Together, they take the best naps.

They’re like the Three Musketeers!

The dogs think baby toes are just as cute as we do! But perhaps find them a bit more tasty.

These three have already shared many milestones together, including learning to crawl. They’re bound to share many more and be close for a very long time.

This isn’t the first time a pup has shared a close bond with someone unlikely. Remember Flame, the dog that treats her owners’ pet chicks as if they were her puppies? Initially, the dog had to get used to the tiny birds, but now they can’t get enough of each other.

Aww! I love seeing dogs become best friends with babies, chicks—you name it! Brego, Nami and Jedi can keep the adorable photos coming because as far as I’m concerned—you just can’t beat a bond like that.