This Dog’s Bark Sounds Exactly Like A Britney Spears Song

Riley the dog has got some 'singing' talent!

If you’re a fan of pop star Britney Spears, then you know that “Toxic” is one of the her biggest and most beloved hits. You may have even given this catchy song a try yourself at karaoke. But we’re willing to bet you’ve never heard someone (besides Britney herself, of course) belt out the pop anthem quite like this before.

Twitter user Matthew Hardin heard his dog Riley barking and noticed that it sounded exactly like the pooch was singing “Toxic.” Luckily for us, he caught the whole thing on video, and it’s bound to crack you up.

Check out Riley’s performance in the video posted to Twitter on July 21 below:

“Is it me or does Riley sound like he’s singing ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears?” Hardin wrote in the caption of the adorable video.

Too funny! Twitter quickly took notice of Riley’s hilarious “singing,” and the video has racked up more than 4.6 million views and has been re-tweeted more over 170,000 times. People were super-impressed with Riley’s skills, like this user who declared him a “legend”:

Another user tweeted that Riley is now their favorite dog:

“At first I thought [Riley] was just howling at the storm that was passing through,” Hardin explained to BuzzFeed of hearing his dog’s now internet-famous crooning. “But then I watched the video a few times and thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, this sounds so familiar.'”

If you doubt whether Riley’s howling really sounds like Spears hit, some of his new fans have taken it upon themselves to edit the pup’s howling into the music video for the real song. The results are pretty amazing:

After his viral internet fame, Riley’s owner thinks he’s just getting started in his singing career.

“I’m gonna try to get him to learn some Taylor Swift,” Hardin told Teen Vogue. “Or another iconic classic like ‘Single Ladies’ by BeyoncΓ©.”

My viral lil baby πŸ’—

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Good call! We can’t wait to see what Riley “sings” next!