Dog Café Opens In L.A. So You Can Play With Puppies While Getting Your Caffeine

There are few things in life more enjoyable than puppies and coffee. So, when you combine the two— it’s obviously going to be the best thing ever. The Dog Café LA just opened shop in Los Angeles and is allowing residents to get their daily dose of puppies and their caffeine fix, all in one place.

All of the dogs have been rescued and are available for adoption. So, if you go out for a latte and come home with a puppy, don’t be surprised. That’s kind of the idea.

The café’s owner, Sarah Wolfgang told Mashable, “…our number one goal obviously is to decrease the number of dogs being euthanized…” Honestly, this seems like a great way to help more dogs get adopted, so why didn’t someone think of this sooner? This is the first café of its kind in America, but Asian countries have been doing this kind of thing for years, according to Elite Daily. The reason why it’s so tough to open a store like this in the U.S. is because doing so comes with a long list of health regulations that must be obeyed. Wolfgang worked closely with the health department to get this store underway. 

“They were scared of the idea I think, they just thought it was going to be such a high-risk, high-hazard thing,” Wolfgang told Mashable. “But we were able to work with them and really get the idea across in a positive manner.”

By dividing the store into two sections, one that sells the beverages and one that holds the puppies, she’s created an environment where coffee and doggies can co-exist. Making it basically the greatest place in the entire continental U.S.

All proceeds also go to help pay for the dogs’ medical bills. To find out more information, visit The Dog Café LA’s website.

[h/t: Elite Daily]