A Dog Crashed A High School Relay Race And Technically Won

During a high school track race in Utah, a dog zoomed out onto the track, caught up to the first-place runner and even edged her out of the lead at the finish line.

The moment was captured in a video that has gone viral for several reasons — not the least of which being the clear passion the pup has for a good run. But Holly the dog also sprinted the final 100 meters nearly as fast as Olympic champion and world record-holder Usain Bolt, all the while trailing her leash. (Bolt’s record: 9.58 seconds. Holly the dog: 10.5 seconds.)

Logan High School senior Gracie Laney was way out ahead of her nearest competitor until Holly appeared on the track.

“At first, I thought it was another runner and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead,” she told Utah’s KSL. “As it got closer, I thought, ‘That’s too small to be a person,’ and then I noticed it was a dog.”

Laney went from surprise to worry as Holly slowed to match her speed, then darted across Laney’s path right at the finish line, nearly tripping her.

“When the dog crossed in my lane, I was afraid that I was going to trip over it, and then I was worried that I was going to spike it with my spikes,” she told KSL. “It all happened so fast.”

MileSplit has the full 2-minute video of the 4x200m race, which Guardian Sport broke down into the anchor leg, where Holly chased down the leader:

At the start of the video, you can see the moment when Holly breaks away from her (unnamed) owners, who are sitting on the edge of the track.

When the crowd erupted at the end of the race, Laney thought for a moment that they were cheering for her win. Then she realized they were applauding for the dog. But the high schooler seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. She just has one regret — not meeting the speedy pup and her owners after the track meet.

“Looking back, I really wish I had gotten a selfie or something with it,” Laney told The Salt Lake Tribune.