Dog crashes a live orchestra concert and gets best seat ever

Some people wish they could take their dog with them everywhere: to the grocery store or even to restaurants, But, to orchestra concerts? Well, I’m not sure how many would do that. But I bet there are those who’d respond, “Absolutely!”

The audience certainly didn’t seem to mind one bit when a dog wandered onto an outdoor stage right in the middle of a performance in Ephesus, Turkey.

Roman Theater, June 2016

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In fact, they had quite the opposite reaction. Instead of getting bothered about the four-legged concert goer, they laughed and clapped for the dog. This pooch sure knows how to steal the show!

The musicians were right in the middle of playing Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’ Symphony No.4 when the dog decided to join them.

They didn’t seem phased by the distraction, and the song was carried out beautifully.

Bravo all around!

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Dog Gets Worldwide Audience Thanks To Internet

Not only did the live audience seem fine with the furry friend, but folks online have quite enjoyed watching the video of the concert on the internet.

People can’t help but notice what good taste this pup has!

“A dog with class and good taste, love it,” one Facebook user wrote.

Others are dying to know more about the dog, who, according to one Facebook comment, spends quite a lot of time in Ephesus.

“He lives there and is fed by the guards. I have pictures with him at Ephesus,” someone wrote.

And this dog is not the only celebrity at Ephesus. Cats are often fondly photographed at the popular tourist attractions around the ancient city. Here is one posing at a sphinx.

Real life sfinx @ Ephesus #beatraveller

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And another taking a lazy afternoon nap in the sun.

Spreading Awareness Of Animal Adoption

Some people are also using this as a platform to promote the adoption of golden retrievers (or any kind of pet) so that dogs like this one can find a home.

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Watch how cute the pup is as he saunters over and decides to become part of the musical event:

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