This dog in a crocodile costume freaking people out is the best video you’ll watch all year

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With Halloween right around the corner, there are going to be a fair share of fright-inducing sights. Yet if you were to spot a crocodile chasing after you, your first thought might not be “Oh, this must be a prank for Halloween.”

So, when this unassuming dog dressed up as a crocodile and ran around in a park, you can imagine how people reacted. Yes, indeed. They were in full-on freakout mode, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Especially since, you know, we’re all in on the joke!

This video first went viral online a couple years ago in 2016 after appearing on a Brazilian TV prank show segment, The Dodo reported at the time. But given that Halloween is so close, it’s worth another watch:

According to The Dodo, the dog is actually an adorable French bulldog, but with the crocodile costume on, he can’t be seen. So, instead of running to pet this little guy, people run away in fright.

The barking noises might have been the biggest indicators that this wasn’t actually a killer crocodile, but that didn’t seem to slow people down too much. They just kept on running — just to be extra safe. You can never be too careful around dogs-turned-crocodiles, after all!

The video has been viewed 2.7 million times since it was originally posted to YouTube, which only proves that people love a good prank — especially if it’s not being pulled on them. It doesn’t hurt that dog costumes are pretty hilarious, either. So, this definitely had all of the makings for viral internet material.

The best part is that it’s not hard for you to get in on the fun, too. If you’re interested in recruiting your dog to scare your friends this Halloween, you can find crocodile costumes online (although these are more cute than creepy!).

This “pet hoodie,” for example, will turn your dog into a crocodile who is friendly instead of ferocious:


It’s available for $25 on

Some of the options are more realistic, but we’re still not convinced they’d fool your friends:


You can find it for $13.99 on

Handmade costumes are always fun, and with this crocodile crochet template, you can get crafty just in time to dress your dog up for Halloween:


The pattern is just $4.75 through Etsy,com.

Enjoy all of the playful pranking you’ll be doing this Halloween!

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