‘Dog Crocs’ might be the cutest thing you can put on your pup’s feet

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Although dogs’ paws are designed to endure the outdoors as they sniff, dig and play, they could still use some protection from the elements now and then. While playing outside, puppers can be subject to painful problems such as torn nails, pad burns and even frostbite, so it can be helpful to encase their paws in protective gear.

Plus, few things are as adorable as a pooch dressed up in human-style clothing and accessories.

If you’re looking to protect your pup’s paws with the cutest footwear imaginable, how about a pair (or probably two) of tiny Crocs-like shoes? Available on Amazon, these adorable slip-on shoes were made with canines in mind.

Although they are not official Crocs, they look an awful lot like the pair that you might wear out in the backyard with your goodest doggo.


The pet shoes come in green, pink and yellow.

As you might expect, pet parents on Twitter are loving these slip-on shoes for dogs.

“I’m so tempted to buy my dogs a pair of crocs like,” tweeted @bryannnalosss.

“Me: ‘I should start saving money,” Twitter user @eedalyy shared with a pic of her pooch. “Also me: *buys my dog crocs*.”

The pup shoes only come in one small size, so if your pooch is on the larger end, you’re likely out of luck with these.

According to the manufacturer, the “dog Crocs” are only for looks and should not be worn daily or when your dog is running. Still, these tiny shoes might be worth the purchase just for the countless cute pics you could take of your furbaby wearing them. You can snag a pair (or two) on Amazon starting at $12.99.