Dog who got detained in police car becomes internet star

Finn is a mixed-breed rescue dog who’s normally on his best behavior — but this time he got into some trouble while he was out chasing a deer. This wasn’t the kind of trouble where Finn just got called a bad boy — he actually got picked up by police!

On April 14, Finn got detained and put into a police vehicle, and as he was getting returned to his home, his owner managed to snap a photo of him that’s since become a sensation online. Emme Thompson posted the photo to Twitter, where it’s garnered more than 650,000 likes and thousands of responses so far.

Of course, Thompson said she realized that Finn attacking a deer is no laughing matter — but the sight of him behind bars was too much for her to handle.

The image spurred some to give Finn a theme song:

The general consensus is this: people of the internet want to see Finn freed!

However, there are a few who aren’t convinced of his innocence:

Finn has since been let out of police custody and is apparently enjoying his life back on the outside:

He definitely looks like a good boy! And for the most part, he apparently is.

For some dogs, it’s squirrels or mailmen and for Finn it’s deer!” Thompson told BuzzFeed after the incident. “He is such a friendly and gentle dog.”

Thankfully, Finn was let off with a warning.

“They let us off with a warning and he is going to be just fine,” Thompson, who lives in Canada, tweeted on April 16.

I think I speak for everyone when I say — Hooray! Let’s hope this little guy has learned his lesson.