This Talented Golden Retriever Can Dive And Fetch Items Underwater

What a talented girl!

You think your dog is good at fetch? Well, sure, maybe. For a landlubber.

Now, you want to see a truly impressive game of fetch? Let me introduce you to Jill, a golden retriever living in Japan. Jill’s owner, as owners of good dogs are supposed to do, endlessly documents her dogs’ adventures on Instagram for the rest of us to enjoy. But Jill is not your typical dog. What’s different about her? Well, I’ll give you a hint:

Jill, you see, is basically a furry seal. In all of her photos, Jill is usually swimming along with her sister, Lotta. But Jill has advanced way beyond the doggy paddle: She has learned how to dive beneath the water to fetch bricks. She can even do it while in the water without diving off a platform, which is just impressive:

Just look at her go! She’s like a hairy, drooly Michael Phelps.

Now, dogs diving off of platforms is nothing new (they even have competitions) but most dogs don’t actually go under the water, much less go that deep underwater to grab things. Even when Jill misses the brick on her first dive, she is able to spin and kick to get deeper and deeper until she achieves her objective … whereas I would have given up. Heck, I wouldn’t have even been able to pick up the brick. Or see it for that matter:

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Obviously, Jill and Lotta have quite the fan base with almost 21,000 followers on Instagram. So, go give her a follow, too. And who knows, maybe keep an eye out in 2020. The Summer Olympics are in Japan, and… wait, what’s that music? She has some competition?

It looks like we have a good old USA/Japan rivalry brewing.

Don’t mind me, I will be in the shallow end with my own water dog.

[h/t Buzzfeed]