This Dog Devoured Its Family’s Entire Christmas Turkey

It was a classic whodunit case, with one family wondering who took the turkey—except it was a pretty easy case to crack.

On Christmas Eve, Bubba, a 5-year-old Chi Apso, snuck into the kitchen and stole the turkey that was left on the counter for dinner on Christmas Day. She kept nibbling away at the turkey and before long, the entire family saw a bloated dog lying on the floor. She literally had a food baby and couldn’t move at all.

She ate the entire turkey. All that was left was one part of a breast. It looked like the entire family would starve if that turkey breast was cut into more than two pieces.

To commemorate the ordeal, Barrett went to Twitter. The photo he posted has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times. “No chance has my dog scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow,” Barrett said in a previous post before he shared the image.

One commenter said the dog was “the same shape as the turkey.”

Barrett says that Bubba is usually slimmer than her current figure. In order to get her back in shape, the family has decided to put her on a New Year’s diet.

This is the first we’ve heard of a dog needing a New Year’s resolution.

In all seriousness though, we’re glad Bubba is OK because this really could have turned tragic. There are many human foods that are toxic to dogs that you should be sure to keep well out of reach of your canine friends, including avocados, onions, garlic, raw eggs, grapes and raisins, and chocolate.

If your dog exhibits signs that it ate something it shouldn’t have, including vomiting, painful abdomen, lack of appetite, sluggishness or a change in behavior or typical digestive patterns, be sure to see a vet right away.

Hopefully the family hides all the chocolates away from Bubba for Valentine’s Day.