Frida The Rescue Dog Is Saving Lives After The Mexican Earthquake

Say hello to Frida, a rescue dog who has become an Internet sensation for her life-saving efforts and total adorableness. Frida is a Labrador retriever in the Mexican Marines Canine Unit. She specializes in saving people’s lives, and most recently, she’s searching for people from the rubble left behind after the recent earthquake in Mexico.

The earthquake that struck Mexico City on Sept. 19 had a magnitude of 7.1, and has claimed the lives of 273 people to date, NPR reports. With collapsed buildings potentially leaving people trapped, Frida’s rescue efforts are surely appreciated.

It’s a tragedy that Frida is needed at all, but there’s no one better for this job. She has reportedly saved 52 people in her career to date, proving her status as “man’s best friend” time and time again.

The photos from various Twitter accounts show just how determined and cute Frida looks in her uniform.

Frida wears goggles and protective socks while she’s on the job, and she wears the uniform well. If you thought it was impossible to look good wearing goggles —well, she’s here to prove you wrong.

The internet has latched on to her story and has people sharing their praises for the brave Frida online.

Meet The Dog Saving Lives In Mexico

This dog is a hero! :dog:

Posted by Simplemost on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Even the president of Mexico’s Twitter account has tweeted about the pooch.

“She is #Frida, she belongs to the @SEMAR_mx and has helped save 52 lives in different natural disasters nationally and internationally,” the account shared on Twitter.

Others responded by thanking Frida and calling her a “heroic doggy,” which she is indeed.

Of course, Frida is just one of the many conducting rescue missions throughout Mexico City and the surrounding areas affected by the earthquake. Volunteers are reportedly forming human chains to help remove rubble and find people in collapsed buildings.

According to this tweet from the city’s Secretary of Social Development office, the city’s number one priority is saving lives, and the rescue work continues without rest.

We are grateful for Frida and all others who are working to rescue people from the earthquake.

If you’re interested in donating to aid in the earthquake relief efforts, here are a few ways you can do so.