Dog goes to groomer, somehow ends up looking like a sheep

Yoriko Hamachiyo / Instagram

A dog in Japan may have undergone an interspecies transformation after a routine trip to the groomer.

The very good little pup, a poodle, became an internet sensation after images of her new look were shared on Instagram. The dog was taken in for a beautification session and came out looking like a sheep … or a seal … or a massive ball of fuzz, depending on whom you ask.

The first photos of the dog were shared on May 26 by Yoriko Hamachiyo, the groomer who crafted her amazing look.

A Google translation of Hamachiyo’s caption reveals the pup is a female teacup poodle and that her dad brought her in. The laughing emoji face needs no translation! The image was commented on hundreds of times and liked more than 1,600 times.

After getting a request for a side view of the little puffball, the groomer obliged — and I think we’re all glad.

Since then, Hamachiyo has shared several other photos and even a video of the pup licking her lips and wagging her little tail!

That clip has been viewed more than 46,000 times since June 1, which includes more than a few views that were happily added by myself.

Hamachiyo, who works at a grooming salon called Yorikokoro, hasn’t revealed how the pup’s style was accomplished, but we were gifted with a view from above.

But perhaps the best image of them all has been one of her running, proudly displaying her newfound fluffiness! Bookmark this image and pull it up if you are ever having a bad day and I guarantee it’ll make you feel a little better.

Personally, I think the dog looks like a sheep after her trip to the groomer, but someone on Twitter said she looked more like a seal.

What do you think? Either way, we can all thank Hamachiyo and her furry customer for bringing some joy to the internet!

[h/t: Insider]

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