Special Selfie Stick To Take Better Pictures With Your Dog

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When I was scrolling through the “available dogs” looking for their “forever homes” on the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue website, one caught my attention. With perfect posture, “Tyson,” a red Boston with white markings on his legs that looked like he was wearing boots, was gazing squarely at the camera, head held high with pride.

A week later, he was mine. I embellished his already-assigned name so he became Tyson Barkford, a nod to the model Tyson Beckford and a tribute to  my little model-looking doggie. And, since he’s a Boston, a breed with the tagline “American Gentleman,” he, of course, has a collection of bow ties that snap on to his collar, which help to compensate for this ungentleman-like behavior (farts, snorts, snoring…the time he got expelled from doggy daycare).


So when you have a dog named after a model—or any cute dog, for that matter— it’s natural to want to take a ton of pictures and pose with your four-legged BFF. Let’s be real, our dogs have got some paw-parazzi following them on social media because pet pictures > political posts any day.

But getting a dog to sit, stay and pose while simultaneously looking at the camera yourself and snapping the selfie is no easy feat. (*Trust me, I’ve cracked many iPhone screens in the process of documenting my life as the butler to a dapper dog).


Enter the dog selfie stick. Yup, there’s now a smartphone accessory to elevate your dog’s selfie game. It costs $10.50 and is designed for iPhone and Galaxy smartphone models, but works with most smartphone cases. It comes with a squeaker ball to command your dog’s ultimate focus and attention. Plus, a portion of sales from the Pooch Selfie is donated to help shelter animals.

dog selfie

The Amazon reviews documenting how this selfie sticks transforms dogs into models are great.

One example: “Wow! I can finally take a photo of frenetic Corgi that isn’t a blur.”

Another? “My Labrador Retriever stood up at attention and held it a long time. I photograph ‘Buddy’ wearing cute hats and ties. This will make the photo shoot so much easier. He’s handsome for making greeting cards. A star is born!”

Ahem, Tyson Barkford, it sounds like you’ve got some competition now.