This Dog Loves His Tiny Bed Bought By Mistake

Everyone knows dogs are the best. They’re loyal, love us more than anything and really are our best friends. But while dog lovers have a hard time being partial to just one dog, the newest pooch to find internet fame may actually be the best dog ever.

Meet: Kenny, a golden retriever from Indiana. Kenny had been sharing a bed with another dog when his mom decided it was time Kenny got his very own bed. The only problem? The bed is way too small.

“My mom had free points to get something, so she decided to order another dog bed since our two dogs share one large bed,” Paeton Mathes, Kenny’s human sister, told BuzzFeed News. “So she just clicked it, not really looking at the measurements or even price.”

Heather Stoddard, Kenny’s mom, put the bed on the floor anyway, not wanting the pup to be without his new gift. Did the size of the bed stop Kenny? No way. He laid right on his little bed just like the good boy he is. Kenny’s 15-year-old human sister posted the evidence on Twitter, writing that Kenny is still grateful regardless of the mistake. (Like we said, best dog ever!)

Just look at the good boy and his sweet face. He seems not only grateful, but truly happy to have his new bed.

The tweet has since gone viral, being re-tweeted more than 66,000 times since April 10, and obviously, the hearts of animal lovers on the internet have since exploded with people loving Kenny’s thankful spirit.

Some pet owners even have similar stories to share and tweeted photos of their big dogs on their own tiny beds—with one, a very large Rottweiller, even making do with a mistakenly purchased cat bed.

Don’t worry, everyone—Kenny now has a bigger bed. According to a tweet from Paeton, a dog bed company sent the grateful pup his very own large bed.

Let this be an adorable reminder to appreciate all things in life—even if they’re not what you expect.

Good boy, Kenny!