Dog-o’-Lanterns Are This Year’s Cutest Halloween Trend

Black cats used to rule Halloween, but this October 31st is going to be all about the dogs. Well, at least when it comes to pumpkin carving! Dog-o’-lanterns — aka jack-o’-lanterns carved with dogs’ faces — are the newest Halloween trend being embraced by canine-lovers everywhere.

Pet-owners are getting into the Halloween spirit by carving the faces of their favorite four-legged BFF onto pumpkins in lieu of something more ghoulish. And thanks to free dog pumpkin stencils on the internet, you don’t even need to be a talented artist to do it! Carving a dog-o’-lantern merely requires an X-ACTO knife and some patience!

Be warned, though, if you have a mixed breed dog, you might need to get creative and make changes to an existing template in order to perfectly capture your pup’s likeness!

The trend started when veterinarian Andy Manoloff carved a pumpkin inspired by his beloved Pomeranian, Sophie. He started by drawing Sophie’s portrait onto the pumpkin, followed by cutting out and extracting the largest shapes that make up her face.

He then dove into the more intricate carving, varying the depth of the cuts he made to the pumpkin in order to give it the appearance of being 3-D. After his dog-‘o-lantern of Sophie went viral on Reddit, Manoloff created a time-lapse video of the carving process:

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Now lots of other pet owners are getting in on the dog-o’-lantern action, like this perfect pumpkin likeness of Sawyer the doodle:

Or this pup named Louis:

Not only are dog-o’-lanterns super cute, but we predict they will be popular for another reason, too: It’s hard to make your dog to sit and wear a pumpkin costume for even a short period of time, but you can keep a dog-o’-lantern decorating your front porch or window for weeks on end!

Happy Howl-o-ween, everyone!