Watch This Dog Receive The Greatest Gift Of All: A Human-Sized Version Of His Favorite Toy

If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t?), what if you saw the world’s largest piece of chocolate? How happy would you be?

Now, imagine you’re a dog, and your favorite toy is now six feet tall.

Ben Mesches, along with his girlfriend, Emily Crisp, posted a video of their dog, and it’s now gone viral. At the beginning of the video, Crisp’s golden retriever, Jolene the Golden, is seen chewing on a mini-Gumby toy—apparently it’s her favorite.

Jolene’s in the midst of chewing on the stretchy green toy when Mesches shows up in a Gumby costume. Jolene’s initial reaction is that of amazement. Her eyes widen, then she walks slowly towards Ben.

And her reaction is the reason why the internet exists.

She jumps on him, tackles him down to the ground and plays with him for the rest of the video.

So far the video’s received more than 10 million views.

“We made a viral video,” Mesches said in one of his Facebook posts. Both he and Crisp cannot believe how viral this video has gone.

“I was kinda just kidding when I made this post,” Mesches said in a comment.

There’s no kidding around on the internet when there are cute dogs playing with their favorite human-sized toy.

Check out the video below: