Dog Owners Photograph Their Pets More Often Than Their Partners

The survey also found some other interesting facts. What percent of people do you think use their pup as a wingman?

Do you take more photos of your pet or your significant other? If you’re a dog person, then the answer is obvious — your fur baby!

Unlike humans who may shy away from the camera or get impatient during long photo shoots, dogs love any and all attention, and they’ll usually pose for an endless amount of pictures if they think they might get a treat.

(Plus, let’s face it: Dogs look way more adorable when they’re snoozing on the couch, stuffing their faces with food or getting into trouble than most people do!)

This may explain why, according to a new study from the pet sitter and dog walker site, 65 percent of dog owners admit that they photograph their canines more often than a romantic partner. What’s more, 29 percent reportedly share more photos of their dogs online than they do of anyone else — even friends and family. (Hey, your dog is a friend and family!)

dog smiling photo
Flickr | surveyed thousands of adult dog owners nationwide over the years to come up with their findings about the modern relationships that humans have with their pets. Among other surprising factoids:

  • 25 percent of single dog lovers have used their pet as a wingman and brought her along on a date.
  • The majority (78 percent) of dog owners would include their fur children in special family occasions like weddings, vacations and holiday card photo-ops.
  • Over half (56 percent) of pet owners have thrown their dog a birthday party.
  • 24 percent of dog parents sing made-up songs to their pets to entertain them.
  • And a little less than half (47 percent) of people would find it easier to leave their significant other for a week than their pup.

So, if you’re a person who frequently takes and shares funny photos of your pup on Facebook (or even has an entire Instagram account dedicated to your dogs), you can rest easy knowing that you’re hardly alone in your love for your furry family members.