This Photographer Snaps the Most Hilarious Portraits of Pups

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Dogs are man’s best friend for many reasons: loving, loyal and just plain adorable. That’s probably why you don’t even have to be a pet owner — sorry, pet parent — to enjoy scrolling through the many pet accounts on social media.

One Instagram account stands out from the rest for the photographer’s uncanny ability to capture pooches at their goofiest. Elke Vogelsang specializes in commercial and editorial dog portraiture in Hildesheim, Germany. As a dog lover, she took her passion to the next level and now makes her living hanging out with four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes.

Dream job, anyone?

“It never ceases to amaze me how unique every single dog is,” Vogelsang explained on the blog BoredPanda. “Each and every one of them has its very special character, quirks, and personality.”

Vogelsang manages to capture each unique quirk — her pup photos really pop!

If her snaps don’t bring a smile to your face or even cause a giggle, you should probably check your vitals.

Using Her Camera for Charity

In addition to private portraiture, Vogelsang lends her incredible camera skills to shelters and similar organizations to help pups who need homes. Sometimes families just need to see a pup’s personality shine through in order to welcome them to a forever home.

“Whenever possible I offer my services free of charge to animal rescue organizations,” she shared in an Instagram caption. “Pictures are super important when trying to find a home for pets.”

“I’m always stunned when I hear how many healthy pets out there get euthanized because people still think pets are throwaway goods,” she added.

Behind the Scenes

So, how does she coax these incredible expressions out of the dogs? She shoots entirely with lightweight Fujifilm X cameras and the lightweight camera frees up a hand to hold a treat or a squeaky toy.

Instagram isn’t the only place to find her work: Vogelsang posts her very best shots on her 500px portfolio. (All her photos are her very best shots, but yes, these ones are particularly good.)

You can also flip through some of her photos in real life. A few years ago, Vogelsang published a book titled “Nice Nosing You: For The Love of Life, Dogs And Photography,” which is available on Amazon and other retailers.

Are you inspired to get out your camera and start photographing portraits of your pets now?