Dog Refuses To Get Out Of The Tub Because He Loves Bath Time

It’s not everyday that your pet decides it’s time to take a bath, but this husky loves them so much, he’s begging his owner to give him one. Thanks to a Rumble Viral video, the world gets to see Zeus the husky throw what’s quite possibly the most adorable temper tantrum ever.

According to the video’s caption, it was time for Zeus’ walk, but he decided that instead of exercising, he’d rather enjoy some quality soaking time. I mean, what can he say? Some dogs just like to be pampered!

While most owners would probably love it if their dogs actually enjoyed getting a good wash in, there’s a time and a place. And when you’re about to go for a walk, well, that’s just not the most convenient time to stop and give your dog a scrub.

But Zeus knows what he wants. The Dodo points out that he hollered and howled and refused to get out of the tub in hopes of convincing his owner that it was, indeed, bath time.

Despite the owner telling him to “Get out of the tub,” the video ends with Zeus finally getting out. But, boy, oh boy was he reluctant to move!

The Internet community seems to relate to how Zeus is feeling. They sounded off in the comment section things such as, “how you feel when your parents wake you up in the morning.” And I’d have to agree, I’d lay there and howl in that instance, too.

Take a look at the video for yourself and see if it doesn’t give you a good laugh. Because honestly, we can all relate to how Zeus is feeling. Sometimes you just need some time to relax in the tub, you know what I mean?

[h/t: The Dodo]