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Family Reunited With Dog Who Ran Away During Santa Rosa Wildfire

Get yourself a box of tissues for this story.

Clint and Kathy Weaver lost their home in the wildfire that swept across Northern California. They woke in the middle of the night to find the area surrounded by flames, according to As they fled their property, their dog, Izzy, ran in the opposite direction so they were forced to leave their beloved pet behind.

Their daughter Beckyjean Widen detailed the story on Facebook:

“In the chaos of trying to escape, my parent’s dog Izzy ran from them. My mom couldn’t chase after her without risking her own life,” Widen wrote. “They had to drive through walls of flames and across a burning wooden bridge to get to mark west springs road and to safety. They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy.”

According to the Facebook post, the Weavers’ son and son-in-law returned to the property the next day to survey the damage and to — hopefully — find their dog Izzy.

After hiking three miles, they filmed what they saw when they arrived to the Weavers’ former home. Take our word for it, the video is a must-watch:

As you can see, their home is completely destroyed, but someone very important survived — Izzy!

With the amount of death and destruction caused by the fire, it’s lovely to hear of the small victories that families had despite the tragedy. People responded to the Facebook video with comments such as, “So sweet! Glad she was ok!”

The reactions on Twitter have been in the same vein. “Ahhhhh….so heartwarming,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another even went so far as to dub Izzy “the wonder dog,” an appropriate title, as it would seem.

The Weavers weren’t the only lucky family when it comes to being reunited with pets after the wildfire, either. A family called the Robinsons were lucky enough to have their dog Bill found and brought in to the Marin Humane Society, where they were reunited.

Watch their tearful family reunion here — and definitely have a box of tissues handy):