Adorable Dog Sees Snow For The First Time Ever And Can’t Contain Her Joy

Are you struggling to get in the holiday spirit thanks to all the bad news dominating the media? Well, here’s a sweet video that will life your spirits right up: It’s a video of a pup experiencing snow for the first time! And let’s just say, he’s prettyyyyyy excited about this cold white stuff coming from the sky.

Twitter user Jo Ellery posted the video to her account in November:

Her dog’s name is Truffle, and he is an 18-month-old cocker spaniel who lives in North Yorkshire, England, with Ellery and her partner. Cocker spaniels are known for their contagiously happy and cuddly personalities, so it makes since that Truffle is so over-the-moon about a little snowfall.

Since Truffle’s mama posted the video, it has been viewed over six million times and retweeted over 99,000 times! People love this wholesome reminder about enjoying the simple things in life.

It’s as if the universe itself is reading Truffle’s mind:

Other people on Twitter have shared similar videos of their dogs experiencing snow for the first time and freaking out (in a good way):

Dog-lovers in Texas, where they are experiencing very unusual snowfall, are urging dog-owners to get out there and make the most of it:

But there are some others who are just keeping it real — not every cute pup is destined to becoming a viral sensation:

LOL! Dogs are a lot like children. Sometimes you don’t exactly get the sweet, heartwarming reaction you hoped for — but hey, we will always have Truffle! Who, by the way, is now famous and has over 5,300 followers on his very own Twitter account.

He even got some handsome new fleeces due to his newfound fame, as well as a “celebrity plaque” at his local pub. Famous dogs get all the swag!

Here’s wishing you a white Christmas … or at the very least, videos of adorable pups like Truffle enjoying the snow!