Dog Was Shot Multiple Times While Protecting Teenager From Home Intruders

We hope this loyal and protective dog pulls through!

Milan Kundera is quoted as saying that dogs are our link to paradise. These selfless creatures have been man’s best friend for countless generations, and for good reason. They are loyal and fiercely protective, as evidenced by a recent viral news story in which a German Shepherd took multiple bullets from home intruders in order to save the life of his owner’s 16-year-old nephew.

The 2-and-a-half-year-old dog (named Rex) was hanging out at home with teenager Javier, when two intruders suddenly broke into their Des Moines, Washington home.

Javier heard glass shattering, where intruders entered a broken window. He raced into an upstairs closet with his cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. But rather than hide with Javier and wait for the police’s assistance, Rex went into full guard dog mode.

The German Shepherd went after the intruders, refusing to back down even as they beat him over and over. Finally, Rex slunk upstairs to keep vigil next to Javier, but when the burglars entered the room where the teenager was hiding, the dog summoned his last bits of strength and again challenged the criminals. This time, the intruders shot Rex several times before fleeing the house, police sirens sounding in the distance.

Miraculously, despite being badly beaten and filled with bullet holes, Rex lived through the attack. He was rushed to BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Renton, Washington, where the doctors and medical staff were able to save his life. However, Rex has a long road of recovery ahead of him, so his owner’s cousin, Susy Cadena, set up a GoFundMe page in order to help defray some of his medical costs.

As Cadena explains on the GoFundMe page for Rex, “My nephew was protected by his eternal friend until the last bit of strength he had in him to do what his unconditional, loving instinct told him to…our family can not let Rex the hero dog go without us fighting as hard as he did, to his very last bit of a strength while protecting my nephew.”

GoFundMe, Julia Cadena

The family’s efforts to save Rex’s life have paid off. Cadena originally sought just $10,000, but people were so moved by her story that she raised $29,395 in just one day!

Here’s wishing the hero dog a safe and comfortable recovery—and lots and lots of yummy treats.

[h/t: People]