This Dog Was Rescued After Being Stranded For Nearly A Week After Hurricane Florence

humane society dog rescue hurricane florence
Humane Society of Missouri/Facebook

This September, Hurricane Florence swept across the Carolinas and left a wake of destruction in its path. Dozens of people died due to the storm, but one brave puppy managed to be among the survivors. After being stranded for a week inside of his owner’s flooded North Carolina home, Soshe was rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team.

According to People, the dog’s owner was stranded in another town, unable to make it to her home due to the flooding caused by the hurricane. She knew Soshe was in the house, and hoped he would still be alive. She reached out to the Humane Society to see if they could save her pet. And they did just that!

The Humane Society posted the news of Soshe’s successful rescue on Facebook on Sept. 21:

Rescuing Soshe was no easy feat, however. It took three attempts to find the house. The flooding made it nearly impossible to tell one home from another. And on the third attempt, the boat they were in broke down. So, they paddled half a mile.

They were unsure if they’d found the right home until they heard Soshe’s barking coming from inside. After kicking the door down, they were able to get the little dog to safety. He was sitting on top of a floating couch, trying to stay above water. This is likely where she’d been for the entire week.

You can see the dramatic rescue play out in a video that was shared on Facebook:

Once Soshe was fed, she was given to a friend of his owner, and was eventually reunited with his grateful mom.

“[Soshe’s owner] was in tears when I spoke with her earlier,” the friend said in the above video. “It’s amazing that she’s alive. I want to thank the Humane Society so much for doing all that they’ve done during this storm for everybody, for rescuing all of the animals and for making sure that Soshe was safe.”

Thankfully, this isn’t the only good news to come after the hurricane. For instance, over 100 animals were saved from an animal shelter in Newport, North Carolina, that had the roof collapse, and it’s also been confirmed through Facebook that the wild horses that roam North Carolina’s coast are safe:

Following Soshe’s rescue, the Humane Society Missouri asked animal lovers to donate to the organization by visiting their website.

“We need your support to continue these miraculous rescues. Thank you for caring, and thank you for sharing,” the group wrote on Facebook.

We’re sure that Soshe thanks you, too!

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