Florida Hotel Welcomes Over 900 Dogs After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma did some serious damage, leaving thousands without homes, including pets. Even those whose homes stayed intact still needed to evacuate from the storm while debris was cleared and power restored. Many people  (including celebrities) have extended their generosity to make sure our furry friends are not too badly displaced by the hurricane. One hotel in Orlando took it to the next level by welcoming hundreds of dogs — and their owners — after the storm.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando offered lodging for more than 900 dogs and their families this past weekend. That’s right — the Orlando Hyatt temporarily became a real-life “Hotel for Dogs.” (There were some cats, too!) At roughly 4,500 guests, the hotel was near total occupancy.

While Hyatt Hotels are known for being pet-friendly on a regular basis, they pulled out all the stops for dogs and owners seeking a play to stay. The dogs were given free reign to roam the entire property during their stay, and the hotel opened a multipurpose room with a pool table, movies and games for families. The standard $150 cleaning fee for rooms with pets was discounted to $50 for the weekend.

Check out this adorable photo of a dog and its human hanging out in the lobby on Instagram:


Weary guests were grateful for the ability to keep their dogs with them after the storm.

“I’m actually from California, so I’m used to earthquakes and fires,” Mia Gallow, who stayed at the hotel with her pup, Scout, told the Orlando Sentinel. “This is my first hurricane. It reminds me of that book ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ because there are so many dogs here.”

Sounds like a dog-lover’s paradise!

Here’s a shot of a canine enjoying the view from his room:


And here’s two more taking advantage of those luxurious hotel beds:


This spunky terrier cuddled up with a hotel employee:


Too cute! We’re so glad these sweet pets (and their families) were well taken care of!