This artist Photoshops dog faces onto foods and it’s exactly what you need right now

Dogs In Food | Instagram

We could all use a laugh right now, so if you’re looking for something to tickle your funny bone, check out the Instagram account Dogs In Food. While the name of the page may sound a bit unpleasant at first, it’s actually a great description of what the pictures shared by it are all about!

Dogs In Food is dedicated to photos of different food items with dogs‘ faces Photoshopped onto them. “Cute pooches in delicious dishes,” reads the bio. Sounds like a recipe for cute overload!

The results are pretty hilarious, and the account now has nearly 700,000 followers. The owner of the account has opted to remain anonymous, but their work speaks for itself. Check out some of the silly photos they’ve created below.

At first, I almost didn’t catch the tiny pooch face buried in white rice in this piece of sushi:

How cute is this pug curled up into a ball of dough? Cute enough to earn more than 100,000 likes so far, apparently!

This image gives a whole new meaning to the term “wiener dog”:

Can you spot the shar-pei in these soup dumplings?

Do you take a canine with your coffee?

After looking at these photos, I could really go for some “pupperoni” pizza! But I’d settle for a nice “pugscream cone.”

What an adorable Easter egg surprise:

If you ask me, dogs and food are two of life’s greatest pleasures, so I could scroll through this account all day long!

This pup popping out of a blueberry muffin makes for one sweet treat:

If you’d like to see your own dog Photoshopped into a tasty treat, follow the account @dogs_infood on Instagram and send them a direct message.

You never know, maybe you’ll get to see your own furry friend covered in marshmallows and hot fudge, like this French bulldog!

If you’re looking for more canine-centric Instagram accounts to bring a smile to your face during these difficult times, check out animal photographer Grace Chon. Her series that shows dogs before and after haircuts is almost too cute to handle.

How about this little rebel in sunglasses and a denim vest?

Dogs in “Howloween” costumes are always a hit.

Hopefully these creative Instagrammers will help bring a smile to your face during these strange days.

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