Dogs Are Always On The Lookout For A ‘Surprise Snack’ And These Photos Prove It

Sometimes dogs do the darnedest things! It may be surprising to learn that our canine friends have better memories than we think, especially when it comes to food. Whether your dog begs at the dinner table, picks through the garbage to find buried treasure or just has a favorite doggy treat they go nuts for, there is no question that food is a major motivator for our canines. One woman shared a funny story about her dog’s fascination with a certain bush in her backyard, due to the fact that he once found half a pie there:

Alongside a photo of her dog with his head buried firmly in the bush, she wrote, “A month ago Dusty found half a pie in this bush, so every day until the end of time we must closely inspect the Magic Pie Bush.”

I can totally relate to this particular canine behavior. One time after a backyard barbecue, my dog discovered an errant hot dog bun that somehow ended up amongst the plants. She was fixated on the spot for some time after, hoping to find another surprise snack!

A ton of other people chimed in on Twitter to share their own stories of their pups on the prowl, hoping to score a repeat treat in the same spot.

This user said her dog is waiting for the return of a cat she spotted in a neighbor’s driveway years ago:

This dog remembers with fondness the times he was allowed into the pub:

This dog owner says her pup has been searching for a chicken carcass after spotting one a decade ago:

This dog is just doing its duty of protecting the family from another pigeon that might fly through the window at any moment, whether or not it’s open:

This dog is convinced that if he stares hard and long enough, the mouse will return:

Too funny! Has you dog ever become fixated on a certain spot because they once saw something they liked there?