Dole Whip Doughnuts Arrive At Disneyland

For decades, Dole Whip has been the iconic dessert at Disney World and Disneyland. But here is some big news, Mouseketeers! There are now Dole Whip DONUTS.

Yes, Dole Whip donuts. These delectable, to-die-for donuts are, of course, pineapple-flavored, just like the original Dole Whip. They have pineapple-flavored filling, pineapple-flavored icing and toasted marshmallow meringue on top, and oh my gosh, why am I writing this while I am hungry because I am seriously starting to drool?

I mean, just look at this beauty:

However, according to the Disney Food Blog (a site which is very reliable when it comes to news about Disney restaurants and food), this latest creation is actually not being called a Dole Whip donut. According to a Disney spokesperson, it is being called a “pineapple donut with meringue.” (And yes, it really does include real bits of pineapple on the inside!)

But, I bet if you walk up to the donut cart on Main Street (where the donuts are being sold) in Disneyland and ask for a Dole Whip donut, the hard-working Disney employees will know exactly which pastry you mean.

Oh, just one warning! They only make a limited amount of donuts (two batches of each flavor a day) and when they sell out, they are out for the day. So, if you want to grab a Dole Whip donut before they are gone, make sure you hit up the Donut Cafe (right next to Sleeping Beauty Castle) early in the day. And these are only around until April 20, so don’t delay!