Dolly Parton just released a hopeful new song about the end of the pandemic

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If there’s anyone who could manage to cheer the world up during a pandemic, it’s Dolly Parton. The certified queen of country music just released a new song, “When Life is Good Again,” that’s all about what life will be like after the pandemic is over — when you can finally hug your friends, see people smile and travel the world again.

Written by Dolly and Kent Wells, this song is exactly what people need to hear right now. The lyrics include lines about friendship and the lessons we can learn from this pandemic: “When life is good again / I’ll be a better friend / A bigger person when / Life is good again.”

Dolly also sings about how hard things have been lately: “We’ve been brought to our knees / We’ve been so ill at ease / There are no guarantees / But you know life goes on.” But all in all, the song provides a hopeful picture of post-pandemic life, when “we’ll all be forever changed” but we’ll also get to hold our “loved ones extra tight.”

Dolly also released a music video to go with the song. In it, she turns on an old projector and watches footage of what life used to be like before the pandemic. Healthcare and frontline workers’ portraits are also featured.

From country tunes to financial donations, the legendary singer has gone above and beyond during the pandemic. In April, she announced that she was donating $1 million to coronavirus research at Vanderbilt University, where a longtime friend of hers works.

Dolly also launched a weekly video series in which she read children’s books to kids stuck at home during the pandemic. Dolly is a longtime children’s literacy advocate who runs Imagination Library, a program that sends free books to children. The program has sent out more than 130 million books so far.

Hopefully, Dolly’s predictions in “When Life is Good Again” will come true soon! In the meantime, sing along to this song to forget all your woes for a few minutes.

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