How To Donate Diapers, Help Children In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

A week after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, over 15,000 people are still displaced from their homes, the Associated Press reports. Of the 3.4 million people who live on the island, which is a U.S. territory, most don’t have access to fresh water or electricity. According to The Verge, ports and airports have had a difficult time getting more food into the island. And for parents of small children, this can be particularly scary.

But that’s where our donations come in. There are several organizations working to donate diapers and other items to parents in need.

Here are a few ways you can help families in Puerto Rico:

1. National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network is one of the organizations working hard to get supplies to Puerto Rico. According to their website, “We are coordinating efforts in Puerto Rico as well, and we are prepared to respond to the needs of additional communities impacted by the storms once it is safe to do so.”

You can sign up to give monthly donations, a one-time donation or start a fundraising event on their website.

2. Local Drop-Offs

Tuning into your local news could help you find local drop-off stations for anyone interested in donating supplies rather than making a monetary donation.

Got plenty of diapers to share? See if you can find out if there are relief efforts going on around you to make the process easier. Several cities are working to make donating to Puerto Rico easy.

3. Children’s Charities

Charities geared specifically towards helping children such as Save the Children and UNICEF are in Puerto Rico looking to help.

You can donate to their causes by visiting their websites if you’re interested in making sure that your money goes directly to the children of Puerto Rico and their needs.

4. Medical Supplies

Certain organizations and American hospitals are working with an emphasis on getting medical supplies to children in Puerto Rico. You can help out hospitals such as Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, which is donating 15,000 pounds of medications and goods, via the Puerto Rico Rises Connecticut Facebook page.

Or you can donate to other organizations sending medical supplies such as AmeriCares and International Medical Corps, among others.

5. Breast Milk Donations

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma nursing moms pitched in to help other mothers feed their babies, but donating breast milk internationally can be a bit tricky.

If you’re interested in donating baby formula to help displaced moms feed their children, however, the United For Puerto Rico Fund is just one example of an organization looking to gather supplies, including baby formula.

These are just some of the organizations seeking to help children and adults suffering in Puerto Rico.