Donna Kelce watched the Eagles game with Jake from State Farm

Donna Kelce and Kevin Miles, who plays Jake from State Farm

Taylor Swift may have put the NFL on the map (kidding, kidding), but it’s Donna Kelce who lives rent-free in our heads. Yes, for another weekend in a row, Travis and Jason’s mom is making headlines. But this time, it’s not because she is sharing a box with Swift, but because she was caught chilling with Jake from State Farm.

Yes, you read that right. Jake (real name: Kevin Miles) and Donna were photographed hanging out at yesterday’s game.

Donna was in Philadelphia watching her oldest son, Jason, take on the Washington Commanders at Lincoln Financial Field. Don’t worry, Swift was holding it down for Travis at the Chiefs-Jets game, showing up with a celebrity entourage including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Sophie Turner.

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Although she didn’t have Swift at her side this week, Donna’s date for the night was inspired by one of her guests, Ryan Reynolds. The State Farm gag was the marketing brainchild of Reynolds’ production company Maximum Effort.

Donna Kelce and Kevin Miles might not run in the same circles organically, but the pair seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

Miles posted on X about the encounter. Wearing the signature red of the State Farm brand, Miles joked about being in his “red era,” a quip about Swift and a combined reference to Swift’s Eras tour and her “Red” album.

Jason Kelce made a self-deprecating joke on his X account about the encounter. His brother might have the world’s biggest entertainer at his game, but at least he has Jake from State Farm!

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Reynolds retweeted Kelce’s post, perhaps a subtle nod to his involvement in this hilarious marketing move.


State Farm has been making a splash at the NFL this season. In September, the insurance giant released a commercial starring Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes.

Travis shared the commercial on his X page:

No word yet on whether State Farm will sponsor a “Traylor” wedding but we would definitely be here for it.

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