Don’t Call Me Oscar: Girls recreate Best Picture Oscar nominees

The 90th Academy Awards will be held March 4, and millions of movie lovers will be tuned in to see who takes home the coveted statuettes.

Some people really like to go all out and have Oscar parties, even dressing up for the occasion or playing trivia. Since 2011, the Storino family has been celebrating the ceremony by recreating scenes from each year’s nominees for best picture using their adorable kids, 7-year-old Sophia, 5-year-old Sadie and 2-year-old Sloane.

The girls have pulled off some impressive looks over the years and the internet seems to love their antics.

The photos are all posted to their website, Don’t Call Me Oscar, as well as on their Instagram page, which has about 16,000 followers!

The three adorable sisters tackled all nine of this year’s best picture nominees, which include: “Call Me By Your Name,” “Darkest Hour,” “Dunkirk,” “Get Out,” “Lady Bird,” “Phantom Thread,” “The Post,” “The Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Check out some of the highlights below.

First, they took on Frances McDormand as a determined mother in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

They totally pulled off a colorful scene from the 1950s-set “Phantom Thread,” nailing the balloons and even using some dolls as band members!

The family clearly pays attention to detail, like Saoirse Ronan’s pink cast and bracelets from a scene in “Lady Bird.”

They had to bring in some extras to capture a scene from “Darkest Hour,” featuring an impassioned Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. One of the kids in the background even has a thin mustache to match their character!

The girls’ mom, Maggie Storino, has said that her kids have a ton of fun with the project.

“Much like Daniel Day-Lewis, the Storino sisters are true method actors. Some days, they play pretend from sun up to sun down,” she told Mashable.

Just like with real movies, the family must be mindful of their budget, and Storino said they reused props this year in order to save money. While the kids are still too young to totally grasp the popularity of their photos on the internet, they have started to get a taste for show business through acting in school plays and they apparently like the idea of having a fan base.

“Sophia and Sadie had their first foray on the stage this year, playing Miss Hannigan and Molly in a production of ‘Annie,'” Storino recently told Vanity Fair. “Sadie asked if our photos had any followers, and when I said, ‘Yes,’ she asked if we had 10 followers. I told her we had more, and she asked if we had ‘infinity.'”

Too cute! We hope these sisters keep up the tradition for years to come. You can see the family’s take on all the year’s best picture Oscar nominees at their website.

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