This Genius App Makes Sure You Don’t Forget Anything When You Leave The House

We all have those moments where we leave our wallet at home or forget the keys to the car, no matter how many times we keep them in the same spot or remind ourselves. Don’t you wish you had someone to remind you of all those little things you’re always forgetting in the rush of the moment? If you know exactly what I’m talking about, I have some good news for you: There’s now an app for that, and it’s free.

“Don’t Leave It” is a genius app that allows you to set up reminders of what you don’t want to forget, and then it uses geofencing to determine an area around your location where it will remind you to not forget that item. So for instance, if you set the app to remind you not to leave the house without grabbing your purse, it will alert you when you start getting too far from where the item is or where you chose to set it in the app. You can also customize how far you can walk away before you get a reminder.

You can choose to be reminded not to forget 80 preset items, such as keys, wallets, glasses or tablets, but you also have the option to set your own. The app is also handy for reminding you to close out your tab at the bar or to prevent you from leaving your cell phone charger at your friend’s house.

Scatterbrained parents will also love this app for helping them remember things for their kids—homework, lunches, snacks on snack day, clothes for soccer practice—this list could go on forever, couldn’t it?

Sometimes (or all the time) life gets a little crazy, and we just need a small reminder to keep track of the things we need. Technology for the win!