Introducing Your New Favorite Dessert: Donut Fries

What happens when you take two of our favorite things and combine them into one? Donut fries (aka doughnut fries).

Yes, they’re just as delicious as they sound. Think about it—strips of fried dough with frosting instead of ketchup? Yes, please! They’re almost like miniature churros, but with a fry twist. Just when we were still obsessing over coffee In A cone, now this!

Though everyone has their own recipe for donut fries, we like the one below by Delish. But first, let’s look at some pictures of donut fries to whet our appetites.

You can get some that are ready-made, like these from California Donuts. (Don’t you love how the sugar looks like salt?)

Look how fun they look.

Let’s get a closer look, shall we?

No donut fries have to look—or taste—the same. Maple and bacon?! Sold!

Or how about this dessert version of “poutine”?

Or this “poutine,” with ricotta, peaches and sea salt caramel?

Donut fries can also be the perfect way to accessorize a dessert.

They come in fancy forms, too, like these donut fries smothered in vanilla bean custard, morello cherry ketchup, praline and mint.

Or perhaps you’re in a simple, sprinkled-sugar mood.

And sides of jam will sweeten them up, too (no pun intended).

It goes without saying that donut fries come in all shapes and sizes, and go with a variety of dipping sauces just like french fries.

And clever packaging doesn’t hurt either.

Of course, homemade is another way to go. Nutella and sprinkles, anyone?

And this is our new favorite fast food combo. Not just donut fries, but a Nutella burger?! Whaaaaaat?!

Honestly, there’s really no wrong way to make a donut fry. But if you want a quick crash course, look no further than this video by Delish. Warning: You may want to have all the ingredients on hand first, as chances are high that you’ll want to make some right after watching the vid.

And Delish’s recipe is so easy. You just need refrigerated biscuits (i.e., Pillsbury Grands), vegetable oil, sugar, melted chocolate chips, colored sprinkles and a rolling pin (or wine bottle).

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There you have it. After you make your own donut fries, feel free to post pics of your creations onto our Facebook page. Meanwhile, we’re going to go brainstorm types of “ketchup” and “dipping sauces” for our sweet fries. Yum.