Sushi Donuts Exist, But They’re Not Exactly What You Think They Are

If you love sushi and you love donuts (and let’s be real, who doesn’t love donuts?!), you probably never imagined the two could be married into one delicious dish.

A Melbourne-based Instagrammer has brought your dreams to reality with her beautiful sushi donut creations.

The creator, Sam, who uses the handle @sobeautifullyraw, considers herself a “vegan food creatrix.” Her “donuts” are really more sushi than donut, but they are adorable nonetheless. Since Sam is vegan, the donuts don’t contain raw fish. Unfortunately, they don’t contain any of the fried dough deliciousness that is a donut either!

Sam molded sushi rice into a donut shape, then adorned them with black sesame seeds, ginger, cashew mayonnaise and avocado.

Other sushi donuts have joined the mix, and the result is a visual feast (and also very likely to make you hungry):