Doritos is rolling out a new Screamin’ Sriracha flavor

If you like your food with some spice, there’s a new snack hitting shelves this month you’ll definitely want to check out. But be warned — I’m not talking just a bit of heat, this one is make-sure-you-have-water-nearby hot.

The new snack comes from Frito-Lay, who combines one of their most beloved snacks, Doritos, with the popular hot sauce sriracha. The new Screamin’ Sriracha flavor is the first-ever limited-time-only Doritos flavor, which means it won’t be sticking around long — though Frito-Lay hasn’t said when it will disappear.

The new Siracha Doritos are now available at retailers nationwide for around $4.29 for a full-size bag. The smaller size will cost you $1.89.


If you’re unfamiliar, sriracha is made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt and is so popular you can even dress as a bottle of it for Halloween. It originated in Thailand, but one of the most popular versions of it in the U.S. is based on a Vietnamese recipe from David Tran, who owns California’s Huy Fong Foods.

I was able to sample the chips and can confirm, yes, they are hot. In fact, they even smell hot. I am not a fan of spicy food and spicy food is not a fan of me, so I admittedly took the smallest of bites at first. Because it didn’t seem too hot, I ate the full chip and that’s when I felt the heat.

They are not so spicy that you can’t eat them, though, as I was able to eat two before really needing water — though I did kind of want a drink after just the one. If you’re used to eating spicy snacks, odds are you could eat quite a few before you really feel it.


This is far from Dorito’s first go at making their snacks spicy. Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos came out early this year and Blaze Doritos debuted in early 2018. The Flamin’ Hot and Blaze Doritos, however, are not limited-time only, so you can still get them at your local grocery store.

If you want to bring home even more heat, you can also get Flamin’ Hot Fritos, Flamin’ Hot Funyuns, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (Puffs or Crunchy) and Flamin’ Hot White Cheddar Popcorn.

Or make your own spicy snack by picking up some Sriracha seasoning sticks. You can insert them in meats and use them to flavor other creations from your kitchen.

Sriracha Seasoning Stix

Do you like spicy food? Will you be trying the new Screamin’ Sriracha Doritos?


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