Double cheeseburger pizza is back at Papa John’s

Papa John's

Fans of plain cheese pizza: look away. Gone are the days when you could throw some cheese or maybe even pepperoni on a pizza and call it dinner. Nowadays, pizza is anything but basic, and you’ll find everything from pickle pizza to one with multiple colors and glitter appropriately titled “unicorn pizza.”

And now, one creation that likely turned a few heads when it first showed up on the pizza scene in 2014 has returned for a short time. At the request of fans who called for its return on Twitter, Papa John’s double cheeseburger pizza is back — but only for a very short time!

The 14-inch large pizza is definitely not your standard pie. Instead of pizza sauce, you’ll get “zesty burger sauce” and, while you will still find mozzarella cheese, you’ll also get ground beef, tomatoes and dill pickles.

You can order the pizza online now through Dec. 9 via Papa John’s website or through their app for $11 by using code “BURGER.”

Papa John's

If you don’t have a Papa John’s near you or won’t be able to order the pizza before Dec. 9, Spicy Southern Kitchen has their own cheeseburger pizza recipe and it sounds pretty darn amazing! The recipe calls for some of the same toppings as Papa John’s version, like pickles and ground beef, but it also incorporates cheddar cheese, green pepper, onion and bacon.

Will you be ordering Papa John’s double cheeseburger pizza before it’s gone again?

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