Double your closet space with this clever soda can trick


If you are buying more clothes for your closet than purging items from it, you might need this incredibly easy trick for maximizing your closet space.

Holly Smith of Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK showed just how easy it is to use use soda can tabs to give yourself some extra closet space in a TikTok video. “Are you running out of space in your wardrobe?” Smith asks as the video begins. “Here’s a life hack for you.”

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Smith shows how you can save some soda can tabs (which she calls ring pulls) and then use the holes to hook one hanger to another. This way you can double or triple stack items you have hanging in your closet.

What a clever and cheap hack! It’s no surprise that Smith’s TikTok video has received over 96,000 likes since she posted it in April.

This trick might not work for everyone. If your closet isn’t very tall, you won’t be able to double hang more than one shirt on another, professional organizer Diana Spellman told Yahoo Lifestyle, and it might be a hassle to get clothes on and off stacked hangers.

You don’t have to use can tabs. You might try a paper clip or some other type of hook, like a gardening or shower curtain hook. Whichever sort of hook you choose, just be careful not to snag your clothing on any sharp edges.

Looking for more soda can hacks? You might have heard that you can secure a straw in a pop-top lid by swiveling the tab around and putting the straw through the hole over the can opening. This is a bonus use for the lever tab design that took over in soda cans in the 1980s.

Soda can tabs can also make for a quick and cheap picture frame hanger. Another interesting idea? Cut out the center of a can tab to use it as an earbud cord organizer.

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