This Double-Decker Marshmallow Fudge Recipe Is Fluffy And Decadent At The Same Time

If you’re a fan of cocoa you’re going to love this fudge recipe. It’s essentially the dessert version of a mug of hot chocolate, considering it’s got a layer of rich, chocolatey fudge topped off with a layer of marshmallow.

This double-decker marshmallow fudge recipe is double layered and therefore double the fun. It comes from Mackenzie Schieck via the AllRecipes website, and according to Schieck it’s a “truly decadent version of [a] holiday favorite,” and therefore definitely deserves a spot on your dessert table this holiday season.

To make this fudge, you’ll also be making marshmallows, completely from scratch. The only difference is, you’ll be spreading it flat into a baking sheet instead of slicing it into square to serve alongside cocoa. It is sure to impress your guests!

Mackenzie Schieck/allrecipes

The recipe calls for a layer of fudge to be made using sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. Meanwhile, the marshmallow layer is a little more involved, calling for unflavored gelatin, sugar, confectioners’ sugar, water and quite a bit of beating with an electric mixer.

All in all, this dessert takes about 11 hours from the beginning steps to the final chill time in the refrigerator, so make sure you start this well before it’s needed for a holiday party.

In case you’re looking for a short-cut version that still supplies plenty of chocolate and marshmallow flavor, you can check out these less time-consuming versions. Because let’s be honest — your guests will still be grateful that these taste amazing even if you don’t make your own marshmallows from scratch.

This recipe for hot chocolate fudge from Wonky Wonderful is still a double decker, but instead of having a layer of marshmallow, it’s just topped with adorable, tiny marshmallows. And the layers of fudge beneath? They’re white chocolate and dark chocolate-flavored.

Wonky Wonderful

A recipe for s’mores fudge from Wine and Glue had the right idea when it used white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and marshmallow fluff to make a version of a homemade marshmallow layer. The end result is just as ooey, gooey as an actual campfire-roasted marshmallow:

Wine and Glue

So, whether you’re ready to take on making your very own homemade marshmallow or just want to recreate the flavor without the work, you can’t go wrong with any of these double-the-fudge, double-the-goodness recipes over the holidays.