Check Out This Genius And Tasty Way To Serve Appetizers

The holiday entertaining season is upon us. If love to throw dinner parties or have guests over, you probably either spend a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find cute new ways to entertain, or stress about the fact that you don’t have time to be one of those Pinterest hosts extraordinaire! Well we’ve found an easy way to up the wow factor at your next party. These dough spoons are the cleverest way to serve appetizers, and they’re a cinch to make, even for large groups.

This simple and adorable trick yields mini edible spoons. You can then fill them up with your choice of toppings for the perfect unique appetizer, with no need for extra utensils or toothpicks to buy then dispose of. Plus, you even help your guest fill up more!

dough spoons 2

These spoons can be ready in a jiffy—all you need are some little spoons and store-bought dough, and you can make these dough spoons easily in advance. Just spread the dough flat and lay the spoons down. Using a knife, cut around the perimeter of the spoon leaving a chunk of dough surrounding it. Pick up the spoons along with the dough, and transfer them to a baking pan or sheet. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about seven minutes.

When you remove the spoons from the oven, they should have puffed up and covered your utensil, creating little spoon-shaped pieces of bread with room to add food to the spoon part. You can top these dough spoons off with dips, veggies or anything else your heart desires.

dough spoons
For more on how to make these cute little party appetizers, check out this video from Rumble. Party prep has never been more exciting—or tasty!

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