Dove wants to give new dads $5,000 to help with paternity leave


When a new baby arrives, a couple’s world changes forever. And while new parents do experience joy and excitement at this time, the amount of work and sleepless nights required for new parenthood can be grueling. Plus, we all know babies aren’t cheap — from baby monitors to strollers, there’s a lot of new gear to buy.

Traditionally in the United States, new moms take extended maternity leave to help transition the new family into a new sense of normal. Many workplaces in our country offer at least partially-paid time off for new moms beyond the federally mandated Family Medical Leave Act (up to 12 weeks). However, only 14 percent of U.S. employers offer similar leave packages for new fathers.

One U.S. company wants to help change the paternity leave culture. Dove decided to commit $1 million to “fund[ing] paternity leave for real dads so they can take this meaningful time off.”

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Dove, which manufactures health and beauty products, started the “Pledge for Paternity Leave” because company leaders wanted to make paid paternity leave a new standard.

“Working dads shouldn’t have to choose between their children and a paycheck,” the Pledge for Paternity states. “Because when they take paternity leave, it benefits families, workplaces, and communities.”

As part of the Pledge for Paternity, Dove created the Paternity Leave Fund. With a $1 million endowment, the company encourages new fathers who don’t have paid paternity leave to apply for a $5,000 grant. The application process is easy. Simply visit the Dove Paternity Fund grant application website and fill out the form online.

To be eligible to apply to the Dove Paternity Fund, you:

  • Must be a male living in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an employer who offers no more than 10 days of paid paternity leave
  • Must be expecting a child as of the date of entry or have a child who is no more than eight months old as of the date of entry
  • Can be in the process of adopting a child or have adopted a child within eight months of the date of entry
  • Must take the Dove Pledge for Paternity Leave

Beyond a few basic questions, new fathers can share how they plan to use the grant money, as well as their views on the challenges that come with taking paternity leave.

The grant applications are open through the end of December 2020. So if you’re about to become new parents or are expecting a baby in your near future, keep this grant in mind to help get your family off to an even better start!

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