Dr. Pepper is the secret ingredient in these moist, flavorful brownies

In search of the perfect brownie? You know, one that has a deep, rich chocolate flavor without being too chewy or dry? It’s a delicate balance to achieve and there are many recipes out there that purport to bring brownie bliss into the kitchen. Sometimes, however, we find a recipe with an ingredient that raises an eyebrow. When we stumbled upon these Dr. Pepper Brownies from the Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons blog, we had to take a closer look to see what they were all about.

Dr. Pepper as a cooking ingredient isn’t an entirely new phenomenon. We’ve previously posted about a Dr. Pepper cake and even a can of Dr. Pepper beans.

But food blogger Jill’s recipe for a brownie with “incredible flavor and moisture” has us craving some more information.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Jill shares a variety of recipes for these Dr. Pepper Brownies. The first is a from-scratch version, which includes ingredients like all-purpose flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, cinnamon, Dr. Pepper and chocolate chips. The one can of Dr. Pepper not only gives the brownies an infusion of flavor, but the carbonation in the soda helps with the texture and moisture of the brownie.

If you don’t have all the ingredients to make the from-scratch version, however, but you do have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard, Jill has another recipe for you. All you need is the box of brownie mix, some eggs, vegetable oil, Dr. Pepper and chocolate chips.

Lastly, for those looking to cut back on their sugar or fat intake but who would still love to enjoy brownies from time to time, Jill shares one more recipe: Diet Dr. Pepper Brownies. It contains only three ingredients: low sugar/low-fat brownie mix, Diet Dr. Pepper and egg whites. Simply mix all the ingredients according to the directions in the recipe and bake according to the box’s directions!

Who else is ready to chow down?