Dr. Pepper is making a dark berry flavor for a limited time

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For the first time in five years, Dr. Pepper is launching a new soda flavor nationally — Dr. Pepper Dark Berry. The original Dr. Pepper is made up of 23 different flavors, and this latest twist will feature blackberry, black currant and black cherry flavors.

The new flavor will hit store shelves nationwide as of May 1 and is only available for a limited time, so be sure to snag it while you can. A 12-pack of cans will be priced around $5.29, while a 20-oz. bottle will retail for $1.99.


The packaging of the new soda flavor is in celebration of the release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” which hits theaters on July 5. The packaging features supervillain Mysterio, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie.

Twitter user @TheImpulsiveBuy spotted a box in the wild and snapped a shot for his feed:

Earlier this month, Dr. Pepper also teased the introduction of the new flavor on its official Instagram account.

Alongside the image of a can of Dr. Pepper emblazoned with “5.1.19,” the caption reads, “This date seems…important.”


Over at The Daily Meal, the staff got a chance to try out the new soda, and they said that both the smell and taste deliver on what it promises.

“The new Dr. Pepper tasted just like the regular Dr. Pepper with a little more emphasis on black licorice and a hint of generic berry,” one taster said.

Another taster suggested that Dr. Pepper Dark Berry would make an excellent mixer for a rum-based cocktail.

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This isn’t the first time Dr. Pepper has added new twists to its classic recipe. It previously unveiled vanilla and cherry flavors.

Both flavors have since been made permanent options of the Dr. Pepper brand, which means they’re easily available at various chains, grocery stores and online retailers.

Dr. Pepper

Before adding vanilla and cherry Dr. Pepper to its collection, the brand hadn’t introduced a new flavor since 2002. That flavor, called Red Fusion, marked the first new Dr. Pepper flavor in over 100 years.

Like the upcoming Dark Berry flavor, Red Fusion added hints of fruit to its classic sugary recipe. The company later discontinued the flavor after it failed to take off.


Due to its unique flavor profile, original Dr. Pepper often pops up in a variety of food recipes. For example, some people swear by Dr. Pepper baked beans.

In 2018, Serious Bean Co. got in on the soda-flavored baked beans game by releasing “Sweet and Sassy Dr. Pepper Baked Beans. The beans are actually made with real Dr. Pepper, and you can find them at Walmart, in store or online.


Others say the soda is the perfect addition to tasty BBQ ribs made in the slow cooker. This recipe for slow cooker Dr. Pepper BBQ ribs from An Affair From The Heart requires just three ingredients. It couldn’t be easier for a weeknight meal!

All you need: boneless country style pork ribs, Dr. Pepper soda (and. yes, the cherry version works too!) and barbecue sauce. Basically, all you need to do is place the ribs in your slow cooker, and pour a can of Dr. Pepper over the top.

You’ll end up with one seriously delicious-looking plate:

An Affair From the Heart

Who knew Dr. Pepper could be so versatile?! And now, there’s a new flavor that you’ll be able to mix into these recipes.

Will you give Dr. Pepper Dark Berry a try when it comes out?